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Beer Keg and Machine

2 Heads Beer Barrel Washing/Cleaning Machine

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Shandong Tek 2 Heads Beer Barrel Washing/Cleaning Machine

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Technical Parameters



Net Weight



Steam Heating: 3KW  Electric Heating: 18KW


60-80 kegs/H

Washing Method

Invert Washing

Applicable Kegs

Keg with Diameter 250-500mm,  Height 360-600mm

Heating Method

Electric Heating or Steam Heating

Power Supply

AC 380V 50HZ (Customized)

Technical Details by followings

 Function and Feature
1. All procedures are controlled by SIEMENS controller

2. Parameters time values can be adjusted
3. Two sets of washing process for customers to choose
4. Caustic could be used repeatedly to save water
5. Water tank possess heating function, the temperature can be displayed on screen
6. With steam sterilization function Selected

7. The machine can be custom made accordingly.

Barrel Cleaning Working Process with 2 tanks:

Cylinder pressing→ Air blowing (draining residue) → Water wash→ Air blowing (drain) → Caustic wash → 

Air blowing (caustic recycle) → Hot water wash→ Air blowing (drain) → Hot water wash→ Air blowing (drain) →

Steam sterilization→ Water wash→ Air blowing (recycle)→CO2  replace steam→CO2 pressurize

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