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Beer Can Washing, Filling and Sealing Line

Type: 2 heads  Speed 600-800Cans/hour

Type: 4 heads  Speed 1200-1500Cans/Hour


Compressed air: 5Bar-7Bar/0.5Mpa - 0.7Mpa

Air consumption: 0.25m ³/ h

Total installed capacity: 2.75kw

Overall dimension (length * width * height): 2000mm * 1000mm * 1800mm

Equipment weight: 450kg

Suitable for easy to pull cans: 330ML, 500ML, and slimming cans with 202 spouts

Number of liquor valves: 2XCO2 replacement head; 2X filling head (with subsequent expansion capability

Force) (or 4 heads for 1200-1500cans)

Increase in oxygen content: ≤ 50ppb

CO2 consumption: about 0.2m ³/ hour

Alcohol damage: ≤ 3%

Suitable type of roll seal: 202 cover (if other cover types are needed, the roll seal needs to be replaced


Capping speed: 1500 cans/hour

Capping method: manual capping, capping channel reserve ≤ 200 PCS

Overlap: Min 0.76mm

Roll sealing thickness: 1.15 ± 0.05

Winding system drive and winding wheel drive: motor and FESTO pendulum type gas

Roll sealing drive composed of cylinders

Pneumatic component: AIRTAC

Solenoid valve group: AIRTAC

Control system: Siemens control system

Optional:  Beer can washing machine, Conveyor

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QQ: info@brewdistillequipment.com

Phone: 0086.15098702311

Tel: 0086.15098702311

Email: info@brewdistillequipment.com

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