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500 Bottles Filling Capping Machine Competitive Price

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Shandong Tek 500 Bottles Filling Capping Machine 

Shandong Tek Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional designer and supplier of high quality complete craft beer brewing equipment, fermentation tank and the turnkey services for breweries and beverage projects in China. Including Malt milling system, Brewhouse, Fermentation system, Cooling System, CIP cleaning system, Controlling system, Beer Kegs, Keg Washing Filling Machine, Bottling machine, Beer Filter System, Distillation Equipment, Wine/Cider Tanks, auxiliary equipment and other tools and accessories used for Home brew, Beer Bar, Brewpub and Brewery.

Beer Glass Bottling.jpg

10 Heads Beer Glass Bottle Filling Capping Specification



Net Weight



400-500 bottles/H

Applicable Bottles

330ml-1L bottles

Working Stations


Power Supply

AC 220V 50HZ /Customized

Isobaric Beer Bottle Filler capper Technical Details by followings

Function and Features

1.Automatic control by PLC, all parameters can be adjusted.
2.Filling and capping process can be finished in this machine at one time.
3.With CO2 pressurization and could add 
4.Adopt isobar filling method and with unique pressure maintaining system
performance stable and reliable, beer loss minimum.
5.With pressure 
compensation, to guarantee a stable filling process.

Embotelladora de cerveza Working process
Fix the bottles
-CO2 purge-Isobaric-Filling-Pressure stabilization-Pressure relief-Stop-

Move the bottles to the capping stations-Capping-Take the bottle.

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QQ: info@brewdistillequipment.com

Phone: 0086.15098702311

Tel: 0086.15098702311

Email: info@brewdistillequipment.com

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