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Brewing case

5HL Beer Brewpub Equipment

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5HL Beer Brewpub Equipment

Shandong Tek Machinery 500L 2-Vessel Combined Brewhouse

Steam Heating System 500L Brewing System

Combined Vessel Beer Brewing Equipment

500L Lauter Tank & 500L Whirlpool Tank

500L Mash Brew Kettle

500L combined brewhouse.jpg


With 30% Total Volume

Dome top and cone bottom; bottom cone 160 degree        

Interior Shell: SUS304;Exterior Shell: SUS304

Insulation: PU/Rockwool 

100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield

Interior Finish: 0.4~0.6μm/ Mirror Polishing

Top mounted manhole

360° CIP spraying ball

Thermowell with high accuracy temperature sensor PT100

Mash Brew kettle with agitator with motor reducer CE/UL Listed

Lauter Tank with side manhole for spent grains

Lauter Tank with easy clean and detachable sparging arm

Lauter Tank with easy clean and detachable false bottom

Lauer Tank with Rake with motor reducer CE/UL Listed

Whirlpool Tank with tangential inlet for whirlpool function

Plate Heat Exchanger

2 stages for Glycol water and City water

SUS 304 Plates and frame

Wort and HLT Pumps: CE/UL Listed


Brewhouse pipelines and Valves

SUS 304 Working Platform


-Grist Case

-Wort Buffer Tank

-Platform with Sink

-Flow meter

-Pneumatic Valves


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