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Shandong Tek Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional designer and supplier of high quality complete craft beer brewing equipment, fermentation tank and the turnkey services for breweries and beverage projects in China. 

Since 2011, Tek Company is established and starts to build the premium microbrewery equipment and vessels for microbreweries and food industries all over the world, and successfully exported brewing equipment to Canada, United States, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Australia, Russia, France, Germany, Finland, Norway, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Spanish, Portugal, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, South Africa, Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea etc., more than 70 countries and regions.

Our product range:

Including Malt milling system, Brewhouse, Fermentation system, Cooling System, CIP cleaning system, Controlling system, Beer Kegs, Keg Washing Filling Machine, Bottling machine, Beer Filter System, Distillation Equipment, Wine/Cider Tanks, auxiliary equipment and other tools and accessories used for Home brew, Beer Bar, Brewpub and Brewery

Our Services including brewery Design, Production, Installation, Commissioning, and Brewery system Upgrade. We are dedicated to custom made equipment meeting customers and brewers needs.

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