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Beer Brewing Hop Gun Tank

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TEKBREW Beer Brewing Hop Gun Tank

What is a hop gun tank?

The hop gun is Stainless Steel beer brewing tank for dry hop adding, to effectively dry hop craft beer in a closed cycle system.

It also called Hop adding tank Torpedo Hop Cannon Hopinator Hop Rocket, mainly consist of stainless steel tank, filter, pipelines and function valves,  diaphragm pump sometimes.

The dry hops put inside the tank, there is a stainless steel candle filter inside the tank. So when the beer is pumped in and circulated from beer fermenter and hop tank, the hops will stay in the tank.

· Save hops, Save money

· Less hop in the tank

· Less change of oxygen contact in a closed system

· More evenly mixed the beer and hops,Efficient dissolving of oils and aromas

· Use for other beverage for adding, like coffee, tea, spices or herbs.

Regular hop gun capacity: 30L 50L 100L 150L 200L 300L...· others can be custom made accordingly.

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