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What equipment is needed for beer brewing?

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What equipment is needed for beer brewing?

If you want to open a brewery, there are many things to consider, in breif, we can put eyes on main tanks for brewing and fermenting sections. 

Brewing Sections from malt miller to plate heat exchanger before transport the wort into fermenting tanks

Main Lists including:

Malt Milling Machine


Grain case


Mash Lauter Tun

Brew kettle Whirlpool Tank

Hot water tank

Cold liquid tank


plate heat exchanger

Yeast Adding Tank


and for Fermentation sections

Main List

Fermenter Tank, Brite Tank or Storage Tank

For other brewery auxiliary equipment 

Like Heating Equipment, Cooling System, CIP Cleaning, Controller System

The Brewing Equipment System has different configurations according to brewery Volume and Brewers requirements


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