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What is IPA Beer/India Pale Ale

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The Origin and History of IPA

India pale ale/IPA is a hoppy beer style with the broader category of pale ale

IPA, also known as India Pale Ale, actually came from UK in the late 18th century, when the British East India Company began colonizing India. 

Due to the long time required for transportation and the lack of  freshwater resources, beer needed to be brought on board. 

Early, the beer with no long shelf life and will become spoiled before arriving in India. 

To solve this problem, British brewer George Hodgson invented a new formula that brew barrel ale beer into high alcohol content and adds a large amount of hops.

This not only increases alcohol content and extends shelf life, but also allows beer to maintain considerable quality during its shelf life. 

This type of beer quickly occupied the beer trade market of the East India Company and became popular due to its refreshing and slightly bitter characteristics. 

Due to the fact that this beer is mainly shipped to India, it is called "India Pale Ale".

Over time, the formula of IPA has been changed by other brewers and improved to reduce alcohol content, with a milder taste. This type of beer quickly monopolized the Indian market, however, with the advancement of modern storage technology, storage time was no longer a major concern for breweries, and IPA was gradually replaced by modern industrial lager beer, which was almost forgotten by the world gradually

However, with the rise of the craft beer market in the United States, the IPA revived and played an important role in the craft beer movement of the 1980s. The United States even sets the first Thursday of August each year as the IPA Beer Festival to celebrate this craft beer.


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