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Features and advantages of beer keg washing machine

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Features and advantages of beer keg washing machine

What are the characteristics and advantages of the Shandong Tek Machinery beer keg cleaning machine? 

The beer keg cleaning machine uses hot water, disinfectant, and sterile water to clean and disinfect the inside of the beer barrel and the spear 

under the action of a high pressure water pump, and has a steam sterilization function. enlarge the cleaning effect.

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Features and advantages of the Shandong Tek Machinery beer barrel cleaning machine:

1. The control unit adopts the German Siemens PLC for automatic control of the whole process, 

automatically completing all tasks such as cleaning, disinfection and CO2 pressure preparation. 

All control parameters (time values) can be adjusted without shutdown.

2. The specifications of commonly used barrels can be fixed on the selector switch to achieve rapid conversion of barrels with different capacities.

3. It has a CO2 pressure backup function to maintain the delicious taste of the beer after filling.

4. Disinfectant water is recycled and save water

5. The clean water tank and alkaline tank are with heating functions and the temperature can be displayed in real time.

6. Use hot water for cleaning and configure steam sterilization function.

7. Suitable for most beer kegs with A S D G spear.

8. The main components are all made of famous brands with reliable quality.

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