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Wine Tanks

2000L Red Wine Fermenter

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Brief Introduction of Tek Wine Fermentation Tank

1.Tek Wine equipment Fermentador de vino is used for vineyard Winery Grape fruit Cider and other wines and beverage fermentation, storage, transport, blending and bottling

    Capacity from 1000L to 30000L

2.The Fermenter is complete new, unused and high quality configurations.

3.The wine tank is completely made of SUS304, or 316 as requirement.

4.100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield.

5.Interior Finish: Food grade sanitary polishing/Pickling and passivation

6.The tank with Dimple cooling/ heating jackets

7. Type: Cylinder Conical, Slop Flat Bottom, Slop Conical Bottom, Floating Lid, Tapered, Open top Portable, Square type.

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General Configurations of Wine Fermentation Tank

1. Cylinder Body Conical top

2. Slope bottom

3. Top round manhole and Rectangular side manhole

4. Cooling jacket/Heating Jackets

5. Glycol water inlets & outlets

6. Pump over system

7. Filtering grid

8. Thermometers 

9. Leveling indicator

10. Breathing valve

11. Sample valve

12. Racking Port with Valve 

13. Drainage outlet

14. Lifting lugs

15. Ladder rack

16. The circulation pipe and sprinkler

Regular Model of Tek Wine Fermenting Tank

NoMaterialCapacity Cooling  AreaDiemensionThicknessBottom shapeRemark
13041000L 2m2 φ1100*2200T2.0mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric
23041500L 2.4m2 φ1300*2200T2.0mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric
33042000L 4m2 φ1300*2600T2.0mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric
43043000L 5㎡ φ1600*2600T2.0mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric
53045000L 5㎡ φ1600*3500T2.5mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric
63045000L 5m³ φ1900*3000T2.5mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric
73046000L 5.5㎡ φ1770*3500T2.5mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric
83047500L 6.2㎡ φ2000*3500T2.5mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric
93048000L 6.4㎡ φ2050*3500T2.5mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric
1030410000L 9.8㎡ φ2100*4400T2.5mm/3mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric
1130412Ton 13㎡ φ2100*4900T2.5mm/3mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric
1230415Ton 13.5㎡ φ2150*5500T3mmSlop/Flat/Conicalatmospheric

Shandong Tek Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional designer and supplier of high quality complete craft beer brewing equipment, fermentation tank and the turnkey services for breweries and beverage projects in China. Including White Wine Fermentation Tank, Red Wine Fermenter,Open Top Fermentor,Variable Capacity Fermenter,Combi Wine Fermenter,Tapered Fermenter,Bulk Storage Tanks,Portable Square Fermenter,Stackable Fermenter,Blending Tanks,Vineyard /winery /fruit wine/cider/winemaking/wine fermentation tank/wineries/grape/Fermentador de vino/Fermentador de vino tinto/Latas de vino de acero inoxidable.

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